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V-Joint Pine flyer

5/8″ x 6 x 16′ T&G V-JOINT PINE

Lift Price Only / Must Take All.

Reversible T&G V-Joint Pine. Original Packaging. 176 pieces.

Pick-up Only
Reason for selling as a lift: Thickness is different from regular stock

$2800 for Entire Lift

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White pine pricing list

Compare Our Everyday Prices on White Pine

#2 or better

1″x4″, $1.09/lft, Compare at $1.09/lft
1″x6″ $1.68/lft, Compare at $1.74/lft
1″x8″ $2.29/lft, Compare at $2.37/lft
1″x10″ $2.49/lft, Compare at $2.62/lft
2″x4″ $2.39/lft, Compare at $2.49/lft
2″x6″ $3.15/lft, Compare at $3.74/lft
2″x8″ $4.66/lft, Compare at $4.87/lft
2″x10″ $5.78/lft, Compare at $5.97/lft

Cash & Carry Discount

We offer a cash and carry discount! Come see us at Glen Supply Co. Ltd. and find out why Kingston has trusted our family for quality building supplies for over 65 years.