ZIP Systems

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These revolutionary systems ensure tight, dry building enclosures.

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Speed & Ease of Installation

Continuous Air Barrier

Integrated Water-Resistive Barrier

Structural Durability

R-6 Insulated Panel

R-6 Insulated Panel
Total Thickness
Panel Sizes
4x8', 4x9', 4x10'
Panel Count

Also Available

ZIP System™ Liquid Flash

10.3 oz Cartridge
20 oz Cartridge
29 oz Cartridge

ZIP System™ Flashing Tape

3-3/4" x 30'
9" x 50'

ZIP System™ Stretch Tape

3" x 20'
6" x 20'
6" x 75'
10" x 20'
10" x 75'
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AdvanTech® Subflooring

Long-lasting strength, moisture resistance and nail-holding power.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Squeak-Free Guarantee™

In Stock

23/32” Advantech OSB

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